Break The Chains of Institutionalized Thought

Forensic Historian and Filmmaker Richard Grove on Breaking The Chains of Institutionalized Thought to Create a Better Athlete

Richard Grove of
Richard Grove of

Richard Grove of will be joining Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project to discuss to ways to break institutionalized thoughts and replace them with self-reliant, self-confident, clear thoughts from your own creative imagination.

On the show, Richard and Stephen will be discussing creative thought with the purpose of addressing the following areas:

1.  Why do we need to change our institutionalized thoughts?

2.  How do we change our current thoughts?

3.  What should you expect while changing how you think?

4.  What are the potential results if you put in the time and effort?

5.  OK I agree I need to change, where do I start?

Richard Grove interview segments. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Lastly, we will be developing how athletes can use his films, State of Mind and The Ultimate History Lesson, to create elite performance.

Biographical Information for Richard Grove:

Richard Grove of
Richard Grove of

In 2003, Richard Grove filed for federal whistleblower protection under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.In 2006, he released on mp3 a 2-hour public disclosure “Project Constellation: A Message to the Future of America”.

What may have sounded like conspiracy “theories” in 2006 (Data-Mining and Spying on Citizens, The Planning of Financial Catastrophes, NSA/Google, and Corporate  Media partaking in the demolition of our civil liberties), proves today  to be relevant and verifiable historical facts related by Richard during  his public disclosure via Project Constellation, and evident in his continued productions ever since.

Since then, Richard has created more than 500 hours of educational and informative media productions, including a comprehensive conscious curriculum to teach individuals methods for learning anything and everything for themselves (a.k.a. “The Peace Revolution Podcast”).

Some of his more powerful publications include: State of Mind: The Psychology of Control (2013 co-production),  History… So It Doesn’t Repeat (2013 series),  The Ultimate History Lesson with John Taylor Gatto (2012), The Peace Revolution Podcast (2009-Present), What You’ve Been Missing: Exposing the Noble Lie (2010),  20/20 Hindsight CENSORSHIP on the Frontline (2010), and Project Constellation (2006).

In 2013, ten years after blowing the whistle, Richard was nominated by author G. Edward Griffin to be listed in the Freedom Force International Hall of Honor.

For additional research, listen to the following podcasts or interviews:

1.  Peace Revolution Podcast: Hundreds of hours of additional research around cognitive liberty and peace through clear, ordered thoughts.

2.  Lindsey Berg: Lindsey broke down how you can apply these concepts to become a professional athlete and Olympian.

3.  Jon Rappoport: Rappoport developed ways to use your creative imagination with straight thoughts and how to apply it in real life.

4.  Elite Performance by Stephen McCarthy: Stephen McCarthy broke down one complete path to elite performance.

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