Heavy Metals in Food is Not Natural

Natural News Announces Results From Forensic Food Lab

Mike Adams of Natural News
Mike Adams of Natural News

Last week, Mike Adams of Natural news announced the launch of their heavy metals reference website that freely publishes toxic elemental analysis and microscopic images for (eventually) hundreds of foods, superfoods, herbs, beverages, fast foods and more. More details

Secondly, Mike Adams reviewed the historical background and importance to why heavy metals in our food supply is not good for our long-term health as a society. He attempted to answer the following questions; Why are there heavy metals in our food?  Are the levels safe for human consumption? How much of these metals have bio-accumulated in our system? How do you limit such accumulation?  For more information and the complete video, it is located here. Lastly, here is the link to the forensic lab information, website, and results, click here.


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