Why You Should Stop Counting Calories and Start Counting Chemicals

By Christina Sarich, Natural Society, July 14, 2014

biohazard_radiation_toxic_danger_contam_hamburger_logo-263x164Most of us have been conditioned to look at the calories we eat as the primary reason why we might be getting a little thick around the middle, and while it is true that too many calories aren’t good for maintaining a healthy weight, far too many individuals have overlooked an important aspect to keeping fit and vital – toxic chemical overload.

A chemically burdened body is more likely to harness fat than a ‘clean’ body. Practitioners of ancient natural medicine have known for a long time that detoxing is vital to keep diseases of obesity at bay. But just last January, the government’s National Toxicology Program met to review the science on environmental chemicals and obesity and diabetes. The panelists published their review in an issue of Environmental Health Perspectives.

In brief, the study showed that environmental chemicals are changing how our brains regulate our feeding behavior. Heavy metals in drinking water and even apple juice, BPAs in the plastics made from petroleum, Dioxin, Atrazine, Aspartame, Phthalates, Perchlorate, substances like DDT, Monsanto’s glyphosate, and other pesticides are turning our endocrine systems into a mosh pit at a car crash competition.  Full article