Training (Retraining) the Mind with Jason Colvin of TeamQuest

jason_colvinToo many athletes have the athleticism to play at an elite level, but they do not. But why?

Jason Colvin of TeamQuest joined Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project to talk about creativity, individuality, and how a team can be developed towards not just doing what athletes are told by the coach, but living in the moment and completing the task that is needed at that moment based on what the athlete knows and sees. Other areas covered include: Finding connectivity through people, why you should not force your agenda on players and the parent, how to develop deep coach and player relationships. To listen to the complete interview, click here.

For the complete interview, visit The McCarthy Project on Blog Talk Radio. Or for more information on our custom performance building events, click here.

Bio Information:

Jason is all about the outdoors, experiential learning and environmental awareness. He has been guiding individuals through outdoor leadership adventure trips, challenge courses and environmental education for five years. He earned Association of Challenge Course Technology Certification (ACCT) after training in high ropes facilitation and course management. He has a B.A. in fine arts and spent two years as a studio artist before breaking through to the world of outdoor learning and adventure. Click here for more on Jason Colvin and TeamQuest .

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