Limit Milk Intake to Improve Health and Performance, True or False?

drip-175551__180We have all seen the athlete commercials talking about drinking your milk.  Oh, also the studies that show that chocolate milk is a great for its anti-oxidant properties.  Well, I hate the break the bad news, both statements are at best half-truths.  A new study publishes the notion that 3 glasses of milk a day does not improve bone he, it actually destroys it. Here is the pdf of the study.  Then, check out the book Suicide by Sugar by Nancy Appleton.  Look for the story on Chocolate Goodness.

These are all at best half truths to the entire story. Raw milk firstly from the cow can be the solution that is true for increase bone health, not pasteurizated and homogenized fake milk that was probably used for this study.  The current milk is the store might be more likened to colored water with some vitamins and minerals added.   But don’t just think this is only correlated to bone health and antioxidants. Type into google “milk auto immune disease,” you will find all the information you need to see.  Milk is not the same as all the athletes saying, “Got Milk” with their milk mustaches.

In the end….. Drink less of grocery store milk, perform at a higher level, and decrease the risk of injury, but do drink raw milk for increased performance.

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