The Real Truth about Chewing Gum?

By Stephen McCarthy, The McCarthy Project, December 23rd, 2014

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is darn near an American icon, on par with baseball. We all remember the fascination and glory of chewing gum when we were young. So I get it.. Oh, one other thing. I do realize the benefit of having nice, cool breath on top of the joy while chewing gum. Like all good things, they sometimes have to come to an end, not because they are wrong, but the situation has been distorted in some way that it makes the simple act not good for our lives.

The deal changer for chewing gum and many other products (soft drinks, frozen foods, diet foods, vitamins and in some medicines.. Sorry) is aspartame. Here is a list of potential side effects: seizures, depression, brain damage, memory loss, migraine headaches, numbness, and blindness.


You say, wow, that is quite a list.  Yes, it is.. and I do not expect you to believe on my word only.. Do the research for yourself.. Find out the truth.. I am firmly convinced that elite performance is in your hands, not always finding ways to make your body run better, but simply finding the ways that it is being suppressed and cut the cord from the seemingly innocent, suppressive activities.

If I told you how to make decisions come faster and clearer, increase your awareness of your surroundings, or how to eliminate moodiness or depression from your life, are in a pill, I am confident you would take that pill for sure.

So why won’t you stop chewing gum, just because you like the taste or it freshens your breath.  Unfortunately, you may have to find a different item to chew or freshen your breath to increase your performance.

Or this one..all my friends chew gum and they don’t have any of these side effects. Well, how influential of leader are you or are you willing to walk the road by yourself until they do see the wisdom.

Again as it should, success and failure are in your hands.

For the research completed during the 1970’s, 1980’s and 90’s, click apartame and msg.

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