Under The Radar Showcase 2015

Grassroots Hoops Club, The McCarthy Project and MinnesotaHoopersStandUp will hold its annual 2015 Under the Radar Showcase of the top prospects from in coming high school freshman through senior classes. The showcase for the utr_logoboys event will be held on August 1st, 2015 at the Leonard Center on the campus of Macalester College  in St. Paul, MN.

Under The Radar Showcase will consist of 20-25 of the top players playing in a “battle within the class” game within each class. 8 teams, 4 games, one court.

All Under the Radar teams will have a top 5 performers list selected, as well as, game MVP’s will be announced after the games. Games will be recorded for highlights and posted online. Each participant will be expected to bring a jersey from their high school or summer team of theirs, we ask that each athlete arrive approximately 1 hour before your scheduled game time with exception of the 2018 class. The following is a list of last years players from each class and corresponding highlight tape. under_the_radar

Dates and Location: August 1st, 2015 at Leonard Center on the campus of Macalester College in St. Paul, MN.   Doors open at 3pm. Admisson: $10 Adults/Students $8

For this years roster, click here.

The rosters from last year:

2015 Class

Team Elite

Jarvis Johnson, 6’1″ PG, Pulley’s EYBL, DeLaSalle
Jalen Mobley 6’1 PG, D1 Minnesota, St. Paul Johnson
JT Gibson 6’3 PG, Net Gain, Champlin Park
Sam Neumann 6’6 F, Pulley’s EYBL, Cretin Derham Hall
Josh Collins 6’5 SF, Pulley’s EYBL, DeLaSalle
Sacar Amin, 6’4 SG, Pulley’s EYBL, DeLaSalle
Sid Tomes 6’3 G, Net Gain, East Ridge
Jacoby Ford 6’0 PG, E1T1, Minneapolis Henry
Kyle McKinley 6’10 Net Gain, Stillwater
Mike Gutierrez 6’1 G, St.Croix Prep
Justin Dahl, 6’11 C, Hoopmasters, Holy Family
Jonathan Conyers 6’9 PF, Heat, Fridley
Abdulsalan Osman 6’7″ C, St. Paul Academy

Team Hype

Donnell Gresham 6’1 PG, Wisconsin United, Cretin Derham Hall
Marshawn Wilson 6’3 G, Wisconsin United, Hill Murray
Grantham Gillard 6’4 SG, D1 Minnesota, Eden Prairie
Jeremy Johnson 6’3 G Wisconsin United, Champlin Park
Trenton McCarthy 6’0 PG, Grassroots, Minnehaha Academy
Randy Matthews 6’8 F E1T1, Minneapolis North
Gach Gach, 6’5 SF, Cyclones, Austin
Isaiah Sims 6’2 PG, Prior Lake
Connor Gamble 5’11” SG, Cyclones, Stillwater
Kyle Sorenson, 6’6 C, Lacrosse, Caledonia
Jordan Johnson, 6’1″ G, Iowa Elite, Roosevelt (IA)
Mario Manuel, 6’7″ PF, Iowa Elite, Roosevelt (IA)

2016 Class

Team Elite

Amar Miller 5’10 PG, Pulley’s 16’s EYBL, Hopkins
Tyler Johnson 6’2 G, D1 Minnesota, Minneapolis North
Jamil Jackson 6’5 SG / SF Pulley’s 16’s EYBL, Minneapolis North
Brock Bertram 6’11 C Pulley’s EYBL, Apple Valley
Tyler Peterson 6’2 G, Pulley 16s EYBL, Centennial
Colton Lampart 6’4 SF, Lacrosse Boys and Girls Club, Caledonia
Jubie Alade 6’3 G, Fury, Armstrong
Austin Slater 6’8 F, Net Gain, Wayzata
Jalen Brown 6’3 SG, Pulley’s 16’s EYBL, Cretin Derham Hall
Ade Lamir 6’4 G, Pulley, St. Croix Lutheran
Chris Perry, 6’3′ SF, Net Gain, Cretin

Team Hype

Nikko Reed, 6’9″ PF, Net Gain, Maple Grove
Patrick Dembley 6’1 PG, Net Gain, Minneapolis North
Langdon Kirkwood 6’3 G, Pulley 16s EYBL, Brooklyn Center
Sam Baker 6’2 G, Pulley, Benilde St Margaret
Melvin Newbern 6’4 SG, Net Gain, Armstrong
Steffon Mitchell 6’7 SF, Fury, Shakopee
Dexter Dillard 6’2 G, Grassroots, Fond du Lac
Damario Armstrong 6’1 G, D1 Minnesota, Maranatha Academy
Jarrett Baptiste 6’2 G, Phenom, Columbia Heights
Teathloach Pal, 6’7 F, Heat, Fridley
Trenton Krueger 6’5 F, Pulley’s 16’s EYBL, St. Croix Lutheran
True Thompson, 6’3″ G, Heat, Armstrong

2017 Class

Team Elite

Brad Davidson 6’2 PG, Pulley 16s EYBL, Maple Grove
Gary Trent Jr 6’4 SG, Pulley 16s EYBL, Apple Valley
McKinley Wright 5’10 PG, Real Athletics, Champlin Park
Tywhon Pickford 6’1 G, Real Athletics, Maple Grove
Alex Falcon 6’4 SF, Real Athletics, Centennial
Theo John 6’8 F, Pulley 16s EYBL, Champlin Park
Dedoch Chan 6’4 F, Fury, Albertville
Darryl Mayfield 6’2 SG, Real Athletics, Hopkins
Jericho Sims 6’5″ SF, Cristo Rey
Trae Berhow 6’4 SF, MN Lockdown 16’s, Watertown

Team Hype

Jordan Horn 6’1 G, Pulley 16s, Tartan
Simeon Davis 6’4 G, Wisconsin United, Minnehaha Academy
DJ Hunter 6’3 SG, Pulley, Minneapolis North
Isaac Johnson 6’3 SG, Pulley, Minneapolis North
Joevon Walker 6’5 SF, Wisconsin United, Minnehaha Academy
Emanuel Humphrey 6’4 F, MN Lockdown 16’s, Tartan
Jerimah Coddon 6’1 G, Woodbury
Kingston Myles 6’2 G, MN Lockdown 16’s, Tartan
Joe Haggard, 6’6″ F, Stillwater
Gonnar Mar, 6’6 F, DeLaSalle
Dom Marshall, 6’3″ F, Iowa Elite, Hoover (IA)

2018 Class

Team Elite

Anders Nelson 5’10 PG, D1 Minnesota, Edina
Anthony Davis 6’2 SG, MN Lockdown, Hopkins
Race Thomson 6’4 F, D1 Minnesota, Armstrong
Sage Booker 6’0 G, 43 Hoops, DeLaSalle
Delawrence Aaron 6’2 F, 43 Hoops, Hopkins
Shae Mitchell, 6’4″ F, Future Stars, Lakeville South
Odell Wilson 6’5 F, Future Stars, Minneapolis North
Markel Aune 5’10 PG, Future Stars, Bloomington Kennedy
Kire Mayfield, 5’8″ PG, 43 Hoops, St. Louis Park/Hopkins
Sam Ingoli, 6’3″ F, Iowa Elite, Dowling (IA)

Team Hype

Goodnews Kpegeol 6’2 G, Rice Street, North St.Paul
Gary Smith 6’3 SF, Heat, St. Agnes
Charlie Dennis 6’2 F, Rice Street, Cretin Derham Hall
Tayler Johnson 5’11 G, El-Amin Basketball Academy, Minneapolis North
Daniel Oturu 6’5 F, Pulley, Cretin Derham Hall
Owen King 5’10 PG, Wisconsin Playmakers, Caledonia
Demillon Randle 6’0 G, Rice Street, Cretin Derham Hall
John Waggoner, 6’4″ F, Iowa Elite, Dowling (IA)


To be determined, last years event was at the Leonard Center at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN.

For media inquires contact:
Stephen McCarthy
The McCarthy Project

Brian Sandifer
Grassroots Hoops Club

Aaron Edwards
Minnesota Hoopers StandUp

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