Under The Radar 2015 Rosters and Schedule

Team Hype 2019
Julian Wright PG De La Salle
Nasir El-Amin G MPLS North
Jalen Justice G Hopkins
Idreis El-Amin G Hopkins
Mark Possis G Apple Valley
Camryn Walker PG Cretin Derham Hall
Caleb Wall New G Life Academyutr_logo
Marcus Shepley G Burnsville
Jakiya Walker SF Eden Prairie C
Alex John F Champlin Park
Courtney Brown PF East Ridge
Chris Coffey C Minnetonka
Alex Folz SF Spring Grove
Ethan Matzcke SF Spring Grove

Team Elite 2019
Jalen Dearring PG Minnetonka
Kameron Givens PG De La Salle
Seigal Howard G Minnehaha
Jacob Johnson SG Champlin Park
Bennett Otto SG Champlin Park
Shauntez McGinley SF Washburn
Kobe Anderson SF St.Agnes
Jarvis Wright SF Minnehaha
Mykel Howard F Minnehaha
Kato Seley F Champlin Park
David Roddy PF Cool Rapids
Malik Lamin C/PF Champlin Park
Damien G St.Louis Park
On Deck: Zach Zebrowsk G East Ridge & John Whitmore G BSM

Team Hype 2018
Anders Nelson PG Edina
Gabe Kalscheur SG De La Salle
Anthony Davis G Hopkins
Beijan Newbern PG Cooper
Zach Theisen PG Osseo
Gary Smith (GS3) SF St.Agnes
Race Thompson PF Armstrong
Tayler Johnson G MPLS North
Odell Wilson PF MPLS North
Nate Hill PG Cooper
Adam Cook F Cooper
Kohlil Golden SF Minnehaha Academy

Team Elite 2018
Ryan Larson PG Brahan
Goodnews Kpegeol SG Cretin Derham Hall
Christian Kelly G Washburn
Jacob Prince SG Cretin Derham Hall
Shae Mitchell SF LVS
Daniel Oturu PF Cretin Derham Hall
Sage Booker G De La Salle
Javonni Bickham F Minnehaha Academy
Jarvis Thomas Omersa (JTO) PF Tartan
Uhana Ochan PF Mankato
Both Gach G Austin
Damani Hayes SF Mankato East
Charles Gordon PG MTS

Team Hype 2017
Jordan Horn PG Tartan
Jaquon Sanders PG MPLS North
Ahzerik Rodgers PG MPLS North
Dyante Jordan PG Maranatha
Isaac Johnson SG MPLS North
Chase Grinde SG Spring Grove
Tywhon Pickford SG Maple Grove
DJ Hunter SG MPLS North
Trae Berhow SF/SG Watertown Meyer
Curtis Bell SF/SG Washington
Simon Wright F Hopkins
Theo John PF Champlin Park

Team Elite 2017
McKinley Wright PG Champlin Park
Ishmael El-Amin G Hopkins
Myles Hanson SF Chaska
Lincoln  Bernhard F Undecided
Aloung Kang F Undecided
Simeon Davis G Hill Murray
Owen Chose PG Eden Prairie
Alex Facon SG Centennial
Emanuel Humphrey PF Tartan
Kingston Myles G Tartan
Joevon Walker F Tartan
Dream Kelly SF Central
Freddy Reeves G Minnehaha Academy

Team Hype 2016
Amar Miller PG Minnetonka
Jordan Bolton PG Apple Valley
Tyler Johnson G MPLS North
Sam Baker G BSM
Jamil Jackson SF MPLS North
Cameron Kirksey SF Apple Valley
Brock Bertram C Apple Valley
Allen Anderson PG Osseo
Jalen Brown SG Cretin Derham Hall
Chris Olson G Brahan
True Thompson SG Armstrong
Chris Perry SF Cretin Derham Hall

Team Elite 2016
Vinnie Shahid PG Hopkins
Dalante Peyton G SPA
Shyheem Murray SG Fridley
Anthony Zarr SG Fridley
Damario Armstrong PG Maranatha
Ade Lamu SG St.Croix Lutheran
Landon Kirkwood SG Brooklyn Center
Lucas Walford SG New Prague
Isaiah Wade G Minnesota Transitions
Melvin Newbern SF Cooper
Trenton Krueger F St.Croix Lutheran
Teathoach Pal F Fridley
Luke Harris PF Northfield


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