On Omega 3, Scientists and Doctors Don’t Lie?

Recent Study: Omega 3 Supplements and Cancer Linked.. True or False?

Scientists and Omega 3 Fish Oil
Scientists and Omega 3 Fish Oil

This week a study was published by a cancer institute that stated that omega 3 supplements are inked to a 70% increase in prostate cancer. What!!

For the last 20 years, we have been told that omega 3 fish oil or here have numerous long-term health benefits.

What is the doctors motive?  What are they really saying?  A 360 degree change, have we followed a lie?

I would propose that the doctors are lying or manipulated the results of the study to support their business and the pharmaceutical companies.  Check out the following information.

Mike Adams of Natural News on how a study can make it into the mainstream media under a false premise.

As a follow-up, Michael Savage on the same subject.

Athletes who listen to all this junk end up confused and dazed with misinformation.   Remember, don’t believe everything a doctor or scientist says. You must look deeper and find the truth.




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