Shaun Goodsell: Pursuit of Elite Performance

One Path to Attaining Elite Performance

Shaun Goodsell on Elite Performance
Shaun Goodsell on Elite Performance

Shaun Goodsell of Mental Edge talked about ways to develop elite performance on and off the field. So much of success in athletics comes from the mental side of life, Shaun passed along some innovative ideas to develop success in life and athletes.

Premium content on how to succeed in life and sport.  Every young athlete should use the principles mentioned on the show.

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Shaun has worked with thousands of athletes over the years, visit his website for more information.

Developing Mental Toughness and Leadership

Shaun Goodsell of Mental Edge Talked About Developing Athletes

Shaun Goodsell on Mental Toughness
Shaun Goodsell on Mental Toughness

Shaun Goodsell of Mental Edge joined The McCarthy Project to talk about mental toughness and his mentors.  Secondly, he talked about finding a quality mentor.  One of his keys to long term success. Shaun also covered the subject of team building and developing leaders within a team concept.

Shaun Goodsell has worked with thousands of young people who are athletes.  Shaun has some leading edge concepts for developing young people into the leaders in their communities.

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Aid for Boston Marathon

Stephanie Freeman of Stephanie Chasing Boston Talks Raising Money for the Boston Marathon athletes most affected

stephanie_freemanStephanie Freeman of Stephanie Chasing Boston and Scott Rigsby of Scott Rigsby Foundation have started to work on ways to support the athletes from the Boston Marathon.  Stephanie talked about her story of overcoming a car accident to walk again.  She has the unique position of being able to relate with the victims of the Boston Marathon explosion.

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Stephanie Freeman and the Boston Marathon

Stephanie Freeman Shares her 2013 Boston Marathon Experience

Stephanie Freeman of Stephanie Chasing Boston
Stephanie Freeman of Stephanie Chasing Boston

Stephanie Freemen of Stephanie Chasing Boston talked about here experience on Monday at the Boston Marathon and how things change quickly from a great event to one of sadness.

Secondly, she will be announcing a couple projects to help people affected by the tragedy.  She talked about a few of her ideas on the show.

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Square One: The Love of the Game

How to Develop the Love of the Game

Ann Wessling of Tri News on The Love of the Game
Ann Wessling of Tri News on The Love of the Game

Ann Wessling of Tri News, Run News, and other really cool news programs joined us to talk about the the first step to success in life and sport. The Love of the Game.

No matter what sport, job or task in life, you must find a way to enjoy the work you need to do to succeed.  Ann and Stephen talked about several different angles, like playing for the wrong reason, taking the game too serious.

On top of that Ann always has a couple cool stories to tell.  For the complete show, visit here

Team Texas Titans AAU Basketball

Head Coach Scott Pospichal of Team Texas Titans Talked Basketball and Life

Scott Pospichal of Team Texas Titans
Scott Pospichal of Team Texas Titans

The Texas Titans do not follow the traditional ideas and concepts of an AAU basketball team in the United States. And I am not talking about the private jet the team charters, the Top 150 players in the program, or the other perks that come with a bigger team budget. I am talking about their approach to life.

To find out more on what makes them special in the world of basketball, listen to the complete interview.

Live with Tricia OHara

Model, Triathlete, Personal Trainer Tricia OHara

Tricia OHara
Tricia OHara

Tricia O’Hara joined The McCarthy Project to talk about her journey from a homeless person, owned by the state to sports model, accomplished triathlete and runner, and personal trainer.  You will be inspired to accomplish your dreams after hearing her story.

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Live with Rochelle Gilmore of Wiggle Honda Cycling

Pro Cyclist and Team Owner Rochelle Gilmore on Tour of Flanders

Rochelle Gilmore of Team Wiggle Honda
Rochelle Gilmore of Team Wiggle Honda

The Tour of Flanders will be rode in horrible conditions.  Pro cyclist Rochelle Gilmore shed some light on how the decisions change based on the weather.  Secondly, Rochelle talked about what it takes to be a champion in the world of cycling when things are not perfect.

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Rochelle Gilmore has dedicated herself purely to the road, a decision which has seen her win a World Cup and claim many World Cup podiums. Her most memorable result to date has been her win at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Dehli.  Rochelle is also the current team Owner and Manager of Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling.

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The Mental Game of an Elite Athlete: Natalie Darwitz

All-American, Olympian Natalie Darwitz and the mindset of playing elite level hockey

natalie darwitz
Natalie Darwitz

Natalie Darwitz spoke about how she started playing hockey as a young girl and how she became an Olympic medalist in hockey.  If you are a young athlete, and you would like to understand how an elite athlete views life and sport. You need to listen to her time on the show, click here.  She started around the 65-70 minute mark.

For more information on Natalie, click here to visit Darwitz Hockey.

Identity or Style?

Coach Kevin McKenzie Discussed Team Identity

kevin mckenzieCoach Kevin McKenzie of St Paul Academy Basketball in St. Paul, MN joined Kris and Stephen to talk about how to develop a team identity.  He also discussed the difference between style and identity.  He talked about how he is able to change his team’s style of play without changing their identity.

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For more information on Coach McKenzie, visit his website.

The Mental Game with Kristin McGrath

Pro Cyclist Kristin McGrath and The Mental Game of Cycling

Kristin Mcgrath, Pro Cyclist
Kristin Mcgrath, Pro Cyclist

Kristin McGrath left for Europe, but before she left. She joined The McCarthy Project to talk about the weather in Europe and how it affects her approach to riding.

To listen to her thoughts, click here.  She started around 40 minutes into the show.

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Leadership with Coach Ryan Bartlett

White Bear Lake High School Football Coach Ryan Bartlett Talked Leadership

Ryan Bartlett of White Bear Lake High School Football
Ryan Bartlett of White Bear Lake High School Football

Ryan Bartlett of White Bear Lake High School football broke down leadership development within his team.  In today’s world of parent involvement and “everybody is a winner,” Coach shared some thoughts on how to instill leadership.

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Coaching for the Love of the Game

Championship Productions Thom McDonald’s Top Trends in Coaching

championship productions thom mcdonald
Championship Productions Thom McDonald

Coach Thom McDonald of Championship Productions joined The McCarthy Project to talk about top trends in the coaching ranks.  We talked about how to develop the love of the game in young athletes and how to positively develop leadership qualities within young players.  The interview is a must listen to all youth coaches looking for a competitive advantage over their colleagues.

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Thom McDonalds Bio:

(2001) Coaching Education Director (Basketball, Football, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Golf, Soccer)
High school participant in football (1st team All-state, 2x State champions), baseball, basketball, track;
Collegiate participant in football (Central College) – was All-conference, 4x Conference Champions, 4x NCAA tournament, Coached high school and college basketball for 10 years (Drake University, Florida State University) For more information, visit their website

Speed Training with Kurt Hester & Boston Marathon

Kurt Hester Speed Training Coach and Stephen Freeman “Chasing the Boston Marathon”

Kurt Hester of theDominant1 Speed Training talked about his history growing up in Louisiana.  Developing into a coach and the price each coach must pay in order to be successful. And lastly, how to locate a great coach when you see one.

Kurt Hester of theDominant1 Speed Training
Kurt Hester of theDominant1 Speed Training

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Kurt Hester’s Bio:

Kurt Hester serves as D1’s director of training. In addition, he is an active strength and speed consultant for Florida State, Tennessee, Illinois, Ole Miss, Alabama, Nicholls State, Grambling State and Miami. Prior to D1, Hester ran and owned HS2 Athletic Performance in New Orleans, where he turned out more than 400 collegiate scholarship athletes and trained more than 50 NFL Draft picks. He also trained numerous MLB Draft picks, high school All-Americans, state championship teams and collegiate national track & field finalists. A graduate of Tulane University, Hester was inducted into the Strength Coach Hall of Fame, and he holds certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, United States Weightlifting and the Speed, Agility and Conditioning Association.

In the second half, Stephanie Freemen joined the show to talk about how she overcame a severe car accident to run marathons.  She was in a coma for 2 months and in a wheelchair for 4.  Stephanie was told that she would never walk again, let alone run marathons.  She is now

Stephanie Freeman of Chasing Boston Marathon
Stephanie Freeman of ChasingThe Boston Marathon

pursuing the goal of finishing the Boston Marathon.  She is 20 minutes off the time needed to qualify.

Click here to here to listen to her story of overcoming obstacles.

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Social Media and Nutrition in Sport

Social Media Guru Nickey Rautenberg and Emily Zaler of EZ Whey talked Sports and Nutrition

Great Day on the show.. A must listen for young athletes on social media do’s and don’ts.  Social Media Consultant Nickey Rautenberg talked about the negative side of social media and some pitfalls.  Nickey also talked about the benefits of being closer to the brands and people we love and enjoy.

Host Stephen McCarthy talked social media and nutrition
Host Stephen McCarthy talked social media and nutrition

Bio Information:

Nickey Rautenberg is a e-Marketing specialist hailing from the sports hub of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In her personal life she is an avid sports junkie, and in her professional she is an avid social media junkie. The idea of combining the two to her is the ultimate topic of discussion! Nickey has worked in an agency as well as in-house environment focusing on brand development and online marketing tactics and spends time blogging, researching, and keeping on top of both the sports & social media worlds. Although my website is under construction, I can be found on LinkedIn or Twitter: @nickey_r

In the second hour, Emily Zaler talked about training, eating healthy, and her recipes for good health.

Bio Information:

Emily Zaler is a Fitness Professional who has experience working with everyone from professional athletes of the NFL, NBA, NHL, etc to Miss America Contestants and weight loss clients. At only 22 years old, she has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity of completing two Internships at the prestigious Athletes’ Performance, working with some of the best athletes in the world as well as learning from some of the most knowledgeable coaches in the field.

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Lacrosse Camps: Max Seibald Talks About Success

2009 Collegiate Player of the Year Teaches Life Through Lacrosse Camps

Max Seibald of Maximum Lacrosse Camps joined us today to talk about how he went from a JV player his freshman year in high school to the top collegiate player in 2009.  He has since played professional lacrosse and represented the United States at the Olympics.

He has a simple philosophy.  First learn to have fun and love the game.  Develop the fundamentals so you can learn the mental game better than anyone else.

We talked about genetics and how they play out in youth lacrosse and how to develop the mental edge when competing.

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Maximum Lacrosse Camps
Maximum Lacrosse Camps

For more information on Max and his camps, visit his website.

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Basketball: Expectations On and Off The Court

Tonight we spoke with Brian Sandifer from Grassroots Hoops Club in Minneapolis, MN about his basketball program and how he maintains expectations on and off the court.  The answer is relationships are king. And Brian lives this out on a daily basis.  He talks about how he has built relationships with not just the players, but parents and past players.

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Team Development in Elite Competition

Coach Tom Dasovich from Minnetonka High School Basketball and Coach Rod Aldoff from the Minnesota Wilderness Junior Hockey Club discussed how to develop a strong team culture in the short term and the long term.  Both coaches have had tremendous success in developing teams and the concepts discussed transcend the sport they coach.

Check out the show on blog talk radio

Creating a Positive Team Culture

Today on the The McCarthy Project we covered team building and how to handle young athletes.

Show Information:

We will be discussing strategies for developing a postive environment for players to play within.  Eric Borer of Champlin Park High School Lacrosse will be joining us to talk about the concepts he uses to develop team success.

Coach Borer is a Brooklyn Park native and attended Totino-Grace H.S. where he played hockey and lacrosse.

Eric is a St. Cloud State grad and former SCSU men’s lacrosse player.  Eric has been coaching lacrosse for 8 years, beginning with the Northwest Lacrosse Club in 2005. Eric also was an assistant coach along side his father for the CPYHA Bantam A hockey team from 2010-2012.

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Develop Team Unity.. Limit Social Media

After reading this Natural News article on social media, I have come to one conclusion..

One of the best ways to develop team unity might not need an elaborate mental motivation plan, just limit the amount of social media that each individual on the team can participate on a daily basis.  We can limit soda, have a curfew, well let’s limit social media to 1 hour a day.

Social Media Expert
Social Media Expert

The team would then have to go back to the old fashioned way to communicating.  They will have to actually talk to their teammates. Work on their problems and strategies together, not isolated at home by themselves looking at a phone.

Check out this article from Natural News for more information.



The Hidden Truth of Success

I connected with an old friend this week.  Shaun Goodsell of Mental Edge.  He has been working with youth athletes for over 14 years.  He has a great new video that will assist athletes on the road of figuring out that how to develop the proper mindset to create success.

We have all seen the guy who walks into the gym who is the biggest, baddest looking guy in town, but always injured or quits when things get a little tough from him.  Well, the solution is right between his ears.

Check out Shaun’s website and his new video called Staying in The Sports Zone.  It is well worth the small investment.

Personal Note: I have personally worked with Shaun over the years. He has spent countless hours working with me to change how my mind works.  You will not find a better person to walk through life in good times and when life throws you a curve ball.