Weight loss-obsessed girls eating GMO cotton balls soaked in lemon juice

By David Gutierrez, Natural News
concentration-16032_640A practice being promoted on YouTube as a fad diet is actually a form of disordered eating that can pose serious health risks, health professionals are warning.

In videos promoting “the cotton ball diet,” young girls soak cotton balls in lemonade or orange juice and then swallow them. The girls claim that the cotton balls expand in the stomach, producing a feeling of fullness and thereby making them eat less during the day. In this, the cotton ball diet may seem at first to resemble appetite-suppressing drugs such as Lipozene.

But everything about the diet is dangerous, experts warn, from the specifics of the practice to the attitude behind it.  More Details

Are Genetically Modified Foods a Gut-Wrenching Combination?

By Jeffery Smith, Institute of Responsible Technology

Jeffery Smith
Jeffery Smith

Gluten sensitivity is currently estimated to affect as many as 18 million Americans.[1] Reactions to gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley, are becoming increasingly common. Gluten sensitivity can range in severity from mild discomfort, such as gas and bloating, to celiac disease, a serious autoimmune condition that can, if undiagnosed, result in a 4-fold increase in death.[2] Genetics alone cannot explain the rapid rise in gluten-related disorders, and experts believe that there must be an environmental trigger. There continues to be much debate about what that environmental trigger may be.

Some assert that a higher gluten content of modern wheat is to blame for the rising prevalence of gluten-related disorders.[3] But a 2013 review of data commissioned by the United States Department of Agriculture found no evidence to support this.[4] Others blame increased consumption of wheat overall,[4] age of wheat introduction,[5] cesarean birth,[6] breastfeeding duration,[7] or alterations in intestinal microflora.[8] All of these do offer some explanation, but they cannot completely account for the drastic increase in gluten sensitivities that we have seen in recent years.

Another possible environmental trigger may be the introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to the American food supply, which occurred in the mid-1990s. GMOs are created by a laboratory process that transfers genetic material into the DNA of an organism. There are nine genetically modified (GM) food crops currently on the market: soy, corn, cotton (oil), canola (oil), sugar from sugar beets, zucchini, yellow squash, Hawaiian papaya, and alfalfa. Notice that wheat is not one of these. Although wheat has been hybridized through natural breeding techniques over the years, it is not in fact a GMO.

Most GM crops are engineered to tolerate a weed killer called Roundup®, whose active ingredient is glyphosate. These crops, known as Roundup-Ready crops, accumulate high levels of glyphosate that remain in the food. Corn and cotton varieties are also engineered to produce an insecticide called Bt-toxin. The Bt-toxin is produced in every cell of genetically engineered corn and ends up in corn chips, corn tortillas, and other ingredients derived from corn. A recent analysis of research suggests that Bt-toxin, glyphosate, and other components of GMOs, are linked to five conditions that may either initiate or exacerbate gluten-related disorders:

  • Intestinal permeability
  • Imbalanced gut bacteria
  • Immune activation and allergies
  • Impaired digestion
  • Damage to the intestinal wall

More Details

Zack Kaldveer on Organic Current Events

Zack Kaldveer of Organic Consumers Association on GMO Labeling and Organic Choices

Zack Kaldveer
Zack Kaldveer

Zack is on the front lines of the gmo and organic debate.  He is the Assistant Media Director of Public Relations for Organic Consumers Association, one of the largest special interest groups fighting for non-genetically modified organisms in the food supply, as well as, the use of organic farmer techniques.  He joined Stephen McCarthy to talk about recent GMO labeling laws in California and the upcoming vote in Washington state on the same subject.  We will also be covering the recent suicides by farmers in India and other current events around the globe.

The interview will air on Wednesday, November 6th at 9am cst.

For Zach’s thoughts on the how to live a organic lifestyle and how to locate the proper food sources, click here. On the current hot topics in the world of gmo’s and organic foods, click here.

Sylvia Hatchell of North Carolina
Sylvia Hatchell of North Carolina

In the second half of the show, University of North Carolina Head Women’s Basketball Coach Sylvia Hatchell will join Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project to discuss passion, distractions, technology and relationships in the world of women’ s basketball.

About Zack Kaldveer:

Zack is the Assistant Media Director of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), an online and grassroots public interest organization campaigning for health, justice, and sustainability. Formerly, Zack was the Assistant Media Director for California’s Prop 37 campaign to label genetically modified foods. Zack has also served as Communications Director for the Consumer Federation of California and Editor of the California Progress Report. Zack received his Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of California San Diego, and his Master’s, also in Communications, from San Diego State University.

Organic Raw Milk: Harvard Says Yes

Organic Raw Milk has Proven to Be Healthy

By Mike Barrett, Natural Society

Organic Raw Milk Not Sweetened
Organic Raw Milk Not Sweetened

Vegans may have had it right all along; while raw, organic raw milk offers numerous health benefits, a Harvard researcher and pediatrician argues that conventional milk and dairy products alike are a detriment to your health – thanks to added health-compromising sweeteners.

As David Ludwig mentioned in his research, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics, there have been countless pieces of research concluding the ill effects of sugar-sweetened beverages. The over-consumption of sugar has been tied to obesity, diabetes, inflammatory-related pain, and much more. And because of sugar’s negative effects on our health, even the United States Department of Agriculture, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and other organizations are recommending against consuming calories from sugary drinks.

The Case Against Low-Fat Dairy, and Other Dangers of Milk

Harvard researcher David Ludwig certainly has a point in analyzing and ultimately criticizing the USDA’s recommendations, but there is much more to the full-fat vs reduced-fat argument for milk and dairy products.

There are plenty of reasons to avoid certain fats such as trans-fats and refined polyunsaturated fats in vegetable oils (like corn, soy, sunflower, and canola), but the evidence for moderate consumption of saturated fat, which is found in milk, coconut oil, and grass-fed land animals, is coming to the surface. While saturated fat was villainized for decades, a 2010 analysis published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that “there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of [coronary heart disease or cardiovascular disease].”

Further, there are numerous benefits to drinking full-fat dairy products. In it’s most pure state (raw, organic, and coming from grass-fed cows), full-fat dairy has been found in research to potentially promote heart health, control diabetes, aid in vitamin absorption, lower bowel cancer risk, and even aid in weight loss. But while pure dairy could promote your health, conventional dairy may prove damaging.
For the complete article, visit here.
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Don’t Let Your Immune System Shut Down

Great Herbs, Supplements, and Ideas To Support Your Immune System

Steve St. Clair, Enerhealth Botanicals

In the midst of the Government shutting down I feel this is a good opportunity to remind everyone not to allow our bodies to do the same. This time of year can be very stressful with the holidays approaching, world events (that never end), and just emerging from summer.

Personally, this last few weeks have been crazy. I have been extremely busy running all over the place with work and family and I can feel my body weakening. Getting run down can happen to the best of us as it is real easy to forget to take care of yourself when you are busy and stressed out. However, it is in these times that taking care of ourselves is absolutely crucial.

The easiest way to achieve shut down is to run yourself into the ground. Stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and burning the candle at both ends, all have detrimental effects on your immune system and once your immune system is compromised you are more susceptible to getting sick.

So for those of you in the same boat, here are some suggestions (some of which we offer, some just home remedies) to help you through the busy stressful times:

Daily Immune Support
This is a great product of mushroom extracts that will help maintain a healthy immune system. Mushrooms are adaptogens and are great stress combatant and immune system supporter.

Relax & De-Stress
This herbal blend has been my best friend over the last week. I like to take it throughout the day as needed. The great thing about this blend is that you can take it anytime because it does not cause drowsiness.

Vitamin D
This product is great but especially now as the days are getting shorter and our exposure to the Sun is becoming less. Make sure you are taking adequate doses, as Vitamin D has a tremendously positive effect on your immune system.

This is a powerful immune support blend and one of our most popular products during the winter months. This blend is great if you are feeling like you are about to get sick or to help speed up the recovery process.

Lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and too much stress are some of the exact reasons we created Enerfood. Darren and I designed the product to combat all these things. Make sure you are taking this product daily!

You know that feeling when you get that first hint of a sore throat? Which then leads to dread as to not if but when you will get sick. Well at the first sign of a sore throat I immediately cut up some Garlic and suck on it. Garlic is an extremely powerful antibiotic and usually nips any sore throat. Sure your significant other might be turned off but its better than being sick.

Turn off your WiFi
Darren actually suggested this to me this morning. He has had some trouble sleeping recently and last night turned off his WiFi Connection and said he slept great. We tend to forget all the energy constantly surrounding us and this is important I think regardless of whether you are sleeping well or not.

Those are just some suggestions, as I don’ want to take up too much of your time on the beautiful weekend, but I feel this is an important reminder. So please take care of yourself.

Have a healthy, safe, and happy day,

Weston A. Price Nutrition Guidelines

Guidelines for Success with Nutrition


  • Eat whole, natural foods.
  • Eat only foods that will spoil, but eat them before they do.
  • Eat naturally-raised meat including fish, seafood, poultry, beef, lamb, game, organ meats and eggs.
  • Eat whole, naturally-produced milk products from pasture-fed cows, preferably raw and/or fermented, such as whole yogurt, cultured butter, whole cheeses and fresh and sour cream.
  • Use only traditional fats and oils including butter and other animal fats, extra virgin olive oil, expeller expressed sesame and flax oil and the tropical oils—coconut and palm.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, in salads and soups, or lightly steamed.
  • Use whole grains and nuts that have been prepared by soaking, sprouting or sour leavening to neutralize phytic acid and other anti-nutrients.
  • Include enzyme-enhanced lacto-fermented vegetables, fruits, beverages and condiments in your diet on a regular basis.
  • Prepare homemade meat stocks from the bones of chicken, beef, lamb or fish and use liberally in soups and sauces.
  • Use herb teas and coffee substitutes in moderation.
  • Use filtered water for cooking and drinking.
  • Use unrefined Celtic sea salt and a variety of herbs and spices for food interest and appetite stimulation.
  • Make your own salad dressing using raw vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and expeller expressed flax oil.
  • Use natural sweeteners in moderation, such as raw honey, maple syrup, dehydrated cane sugar juice and stevia powder.
  • Use only unpasteurized wine or beer in strict moderation with meals.
  • Cook only in stainless steel, cast iron, glass or good quality enamel.
  • Use only natural supplements.
  • Get plenty of sleep, exercise and natural light.
  • Think positive thoughts and minimize stress.
  • Practice forgiveness

For more information on Weston A. Price Foundation, visit here.

Frontrunning Health News Week of Sept 1st

1. Refined sugar found to be not safe at safe levels? (Natural Society)

2. Video Clip on Sleep and Recovery (Natural News) and 1 in 4 Use Sleeping Aids (LA Times)

3.  EMF Radiation Protection Ideas (Natural News)

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8.  Dentistry: The Natural Way (Robb Wolf)


Frontrunning Health News Aug.18th, 2013

1.  Radioactivity from Japan in Our food Supply.. Don’t Worry (The Herald)

2.  Dangers of Refined Sugar in Your Diet. Especially for Ladies (Natural News)

3.  More on the Sugar Front.. Do Your Best to Eliminate.(LA Times)

4.  TV Takes Another Shot.. This Time by NCBI and PubMed. (NCBI)

5.  Interesting Thoughts on The Effectiveness of Antibiotics (Medical Xpress)

6.  New antibiotic, More manipulation, Less results (Phys.org)

7.  Great Information on Potential Solution to Heel Pain (Mobility WOD) and Follow-up on Heel Pain (Mobility WOD)

8.  ADHD Might Be a Half Truth? (Natural News)

9. Corn Flakes Bites the Dust on the GMO Front (Natural Society)

10. Chicken McNuggets: What is Really Chicken?(Natural News)

11.  ESPN: Everywhere Sports Profit Network (Bloomberg)

Concussions, Supplements, Steroids

News Flash: Concussions on the Rise, Supplements May Be Harmful, Steroids Are Cheating

Today, Stephen McCarthy will be covering a wide range of subjects: The rise in awareness around concussions in athletics and the continued emphasis on diagnosis.  Supplements are marketed to athletes no matter what the company’s science and may include harmful chemicals.  Lastly, in case you last checked it out steroids and other performance enhancing drugs are cheating, but why are athletes still saying that they are not. Rafael Palmeiro and Alex Rodriguez, Lance Armstrong, Tyson Gay, etc.

Rod Aldoff of the Pensacola Ice Flyers on Nutrition and Steroids
Rod Aldoff of the Pensacola Ice Flyers on Nutrition and Steroids

Rod Aldoff, 15 year pro hockey veteran and current head coach for the Pensacola Ice Flyers, will be joining us to discuss life in the world of elite hockey.  Rod will be answering questions on proper balance of nutrition, hydration, and recovery, as well as, hard work will take you to your destiny in life and sport.  He will be discussing some of the ditches or paths that hockey players may fall victim in the their pursuit of the dream of making it to the NHL.

Tune in for the complete show, Concussions, Supplements, and Steroids on Sept 11th at 9:00am CST.

Further Research Links:



Truth Training or Hype Program?

Is their “Truth Training” or “The Hype”?

Truth Training or Hype?
Truth Training or Hype?

By Stephen McCarthy, Director of The McCarthy Project

I see this all the time in the health and fitness world.  The hype in magazines and the media.  Take a look at the cover of Muscle and Fitness of Rich Froning, 3 time CrossFit Champion. Now take a look at the photo from Outside magazine. Which one is true and which one is false?  Is it just propaganda to sell their goodies? Are people lying to us on what they do for elite performance? Or is the truth training that comes from time proven health and fitness development not needed?  Just do the “random hard core workout” and eat whatever you want and you will be a champion.

I will let you decide the answers to these questions.. Here are some facts and observations for you to contemplate.

1.  Muscle and Fitness magazine cover of Rich Froning.  Look closely at his torso and notice the perfect taper from the upper part of his chest and back to his hips.

2.  See the photo from Outside magazine of Rich Froning.  Notice the taper is not there.  The dude is 5 foot 9 200lbs as mentioned on the Outside website.

Truth Training or Hype?
Truth Training or Hype?

Which one is the real Rich Froning?

Now lets move over to the information in the Outside website article on his tips for elite performance.  While I would venture to say that all the things that he passes along as “tips in training” are not bad, some of them are absolute hype.  Eating a whole apple pie and do not pay attention to your nutrition.  Workout 2-5 times a day and never take a day off.

On the other side of the fence, we have a PHD from Ball State who has proven that overtraining can occur in only 3 weeks.

What do you think? Who is telling the truth?

If this is all true, good luck.. You may be an outlier that can handle the same training and nutrition as Rich.  You may be the next CrossFit champion if you follow his philosophy.  But my guess is that you will probably burn out.

Why do we believe this stuff?  The majority of it is propaganda to sell a public that is addicted to the half-truths and pictures of athletes who would like to look like Rich Froning.  Here is a article that will make you mad, but it is the truth on why we continue to fall for these ideas.

You do not have to fall for lies and propaganda spewed into our lives.  Simply train and develop your mind properly.  You will arrive at your goal in due time.





On Omega 3, Scientists and Doctors Don’t Lie?

Recent Study: Omega 3 Supplements and Cancer Linked.. True or False?

Scientists and Omega 3 Fish Oil
Scientists and Omega 3 Fish Oil

This week a study was published by a cancer institute that stated that omega 3 supplements are inked to a 70% increase in prostate cancer. What!!

For the last 20 years, we have been told that omega 3 fish oil or here have numerous long-term health benefits.

What is the doctors motive?  What are they really saying?  A 360 degree change, have we followed a lie?

I would propose that the doctors are lying or manipulated the results of the study to support their business and the pharmaceutical companies.  Check out the following information.

Mike Adams of Natural News on how a study can make it into the mainstream media under a false premise.

As a follow-up, Michael Savage on the same subject.

Athletes who listen to all this junk end up confused and dazed with misinformation.   Remember, don’t believe everything a doctor or scientist says. You must look deeper and find the truth.




Restoration Training or Recovery Training: What?

Restoration Training or Recovery Training: Just As Important as Regular Workouts

Restoration Training or Recovery Training for Elite Performance
Restoration Training or Recovery Training for Elite Performance

Constant Action Lifestyles, Survival of the Fittest or Workouts to Failure are the rage in youth and adult athletics.  Two weeks of this training by this coach and then the next two weeks a different coach.  Lack of rest, sleep or even too much technology.

Well..  That is what I did when I was a kid.   Most athletes need to have a clean break from their current training and development programs.  Why do you say a clean break you might ask?  Parents, coaches and athletes feel that doing something rather than nothing is a training strategy.  Would parents do this at work? Shoot from the hip on the action steps to develop success. Would a coach do this on the field or court? Of course not! Then why do we do it with training.

What about recovery after loading? What about recovery post race? How do you restore your body so that it can take another workout? Why do so many athletes burnout before high school?

Today on The McCarthy Project, Stephen McCarthy will answer all of these questions and more.  All parties should coordinate a schedule based on the proven science of mastering a sport with the proper training and the proper restoration training or recovery training.

Former Navy Seal David Rutherford on Limiting Technology
Former Navy Seal David Rutherford on Limiting Technology

Guests today include:

1.  Kris Swarthout, USA Triathlon Coach and accomplished triathlete.

2.  David Rutherford, former Navy Seal and Division 1 lacrosse player and Behavior Training Specialist.

3. Shaun Goodsell, Sports Performance Coach and former college athlete.

For the complete show, visit Recovery Workouts and Restoration Training Show.


Rikki Keen Unlocks Sports Nutrition

Rikki Keen Talked on The Basics of Sports Nutrition

Rikki Keen of FRS and Fuel and Foods
Rikki Keen of FRS and Fuel and Foods

Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project and Rikki Keen, CEO of Fuel and Fluids, Scientific Advisor of FRS and Nutritionist to Coach Tom Shaw, broke down the basics of sports nutrition. Major areas include: type of food sources, hydration, promotion of recovery, and timing.

In today’s world, nutrition has become one of the most talked about subjects in sports.  The main problem is people are confused, use buzz words to sound knowledgeable on the subject of sports nutrition, but do not have a clue.

Through her education and experience with high school, college and pro athletes, Rikki has found the following areas should be addressed when developing athletes:

1.  Daily Fuel and Hydration: High quality food sources and proper hydration levels are important for success in all conditions

2. Nutrient Timing: Nutrition at the right time can promote recovery and increased performance during your event.

3.  Recovery: Sleep and proper nutrition will assure you receive the complete benefit of your training.

4. Supplementation: Fill in the cracks in your nutrition profile with proper, high quality supplements. Vitamin D is a major area to focus your attention.

5.  Food Politics and the future of sports nutrition: Non-GMO, Natural and Organic foods need to located and used as much as possible.  While the volume of data is lacking, the initial results show that these type of foods will benefit your performance.

For the complete appearance, visit Sports Nutrition

For more information on Rikki Keen, visit FRS or Fuel and Foods.

Japan Halts Potential GMO Wheat Shipments

If GMO Wheat was Healthy, How Come the Japanese Don’t Want It?

by Mike Adams

Natural News

GMO Wheat in the Food Supply
GMO Wheat in the Food Supply


Is it a competitive advantage to athletes to eat non-gmo wheat?


If it is not good for the general public/ Japanese to consume, then for a athlete looking to run at a elite level absolutely no.


Control your food sources as much as possible.  You may not need to change what your eating. Simply, change who you buy it from and confirm their sources as much as possible.



Elite Performance and The McCarthy Project

Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project Broke Down His Philosophy of Attaining Elite Performance

Stephen McCarthy on Elite Performance
Stephen McCarthy on Elite Performance

Attaining elite performance is easy to talk about, filled with blood, sweat, tears and failure.  It is a road less traveled.  Over the last 20 years, Stephen McCarthy has been involved in the sports community in Minnesota.  He started his journey as a young sports junkie in Spring Lake Park, MN. Attempted to play pro golf, while training young athletes. He has worked with over 10000 young athletes through the years, some have gone on to compete at a high level. Others have not.

Today on the show, Stephen discussed his thoughts on on attaining elite performance related to training, nutrition, sleep, recovery and the digital age.   He described a path to elite performance that he has seen numerous athletes travel.

For the complete story and philosophy, listen here.

In the second hour, Lindsey Berg of USA Volleyball joined the show to tell her story of growing up a coaches kid to the Gold Medal Game at the London Olympics.  Her story and successes are amazing similar to the philosophies at The McCarthy Project.  Could that be just a coincidence? Or truth?

For the complete show, visit Blog Talk Radio.

Lindsey Berg of USA Volleyball
Lindsey Berg of USA Volleyball

Lindsey Berg Bio Information:

MAJOR INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION: 2012 – FIVB World Grand Prix Preliminary Rounds…Olympic Games (Silver). 2011 – FIVB World Grand Prix (Gold)…NORCECA Championship (Gold)…FIVB World Cup (Silver). 2010 – FIVB World Championship (Fourth). 2009 – Final Four Intercontinental Cup (Silver)…NORCECA Continental Championship (Fourth) 2008 – U.S. Olympic Team Exhibition for Volleyball versus Brazil…FIVB World Grand Prix (Fourth Place)…Olympic Games (Silver Medal). 2007 – NORCECA Championship (Silver Medal)…FIVB World Cup (Bronze Medal). 2006 – World Grand Prix (Seventh Place). 2005 – Front Range Tour vs. Brazil…Pan American Cup…World Grand Prix…FIVB World Championship Qualifying Tournament (gold medal)…NORCECA Continental Championships (gold medal)…World Grand Champions Cup (Silver Medal). 2004 – Yeltsin Cup…Montreux Volley Masters (Silver Medal)…Pan American Cup (Silver Medal)…World Grand Prix (Bronze Medal)…Olympic Games. 2003 – Montreux Volley Masters…Russia Tournament…Pan American Cup (Gold Medal)…World Grand Prix (Bronze Medal)…NORCECA Zone Championships (Gold Medal)…Texas Tour…World Cup (Bronze Medal).

PROFESSIONAL HIGHLIGHTS: 2008 – Led Asystel Volley Novara to the Italian Serie A semifinals. 2007 – Played for Scavolini Pesaro in Italian Serie A League. 2006 – Played for Scavolini Pesaro in Italian Serie A League. 2005 – Played for Scavolini Pesaro in Italian Serie A League. 2002 – Helped lead the Minnesota Chill to the United States Professional Volleyball league championship…Berg earned Outstanding Server, Outstanding Setter and All-USPV honors for her efforts.

COLLEGE HIGHLIGHTS: Berg was a three-time All-Big Ten selection at the University of Minnesota (1999, 2000, and 2001)…She finished her collegiate career in 2001 ranked third in the Big Ten in all-time assists (5,913).



75% of supermarket honey is counterfeit honey

Study Finds That 75% of Supermarket Honey is Not Really Honey

75% of Supermarket Honey Fake
75% of Supermarket Honey Fake

By Lance Devon

Natural News

Over the last couple weeks, we have have been discussing gmo’s and chemicals in the food supply.  Well, here is one example of how food suppliers are rendering the food useless.  Honey suppliers are filtering the honey and adding chemicals to the product.

My questions…

How can this be good for athletes when the reason they eat the food is for the nutrients in the food?

Do you think there might be something to eating real food rather than chemical-based quasi food?

Can you see that any athlete who eats a higher quality food will have a competitive advantage?

Here is the link to the article on Natural News.


James Harrison: Invest in Your Body

James Harrison Invests Time and Money Into His Body

By Brian McIntyre

Shutdown Corner

James Harrison of Cincinnati Bengals
James Harrison of Cincinnati Bengals

James Harrison of the Cincinnati Bengals invested a serious amount of money into his body. He realized that the better his body worked, the more results he would garner on the field.  If more athletes would understand his simple methodology and investment, they would succed succeed at a higher level.

I realize that not all athletes have $600,000 per year to spend on nutrition, training, message, etc. but the principle is obvious.

Invest in your body so that it runs like a performance car. It is not a rental that you beat on relentlessly and drop it off at the end of the day.

It takes time and preparation to eat the right foods from the right sources, drinking the right water, implementing recovery work and sleep, and lastly, speed and strength training.

All these tied together will allow you to perform to your expectations.

For the complete post, visit here

Genetically Modified Organisms and Sport Performance

Increase Performance by Eliminating Genetically Modified Organisms in Your Diet

Genetically modified organisms are the cause of a major disconnect in the life of every athlete. They cause performance to decrease, as well as, do not allow athletes to recover as fast as they should.

What is a genetically modified organism or gmo?

In the broadest sense, the definition of gmo is an organism that has been modified from its natural state. A scientific definition would be an organism whose genetic characteristics have been altered by the insertion of a modified gene or a gene from another organism using the techniques of genetic engineering.

Genetically Modified Organisms: Salmon
Genetically Modified Organisms: Salmon

Here are a few examples of genetically modified organisms:

  1. Salmon made to grow bigger and faster than real salmon
  2. Crops that kill insects while it is growing
  3. Use of seeds to create watermelon without seeds or to create other desirable traits.

A recent study out of France has shown that diet made up of gmo Corn caused serious health challenges. Here lies the disconnect; the gmo food item does not have the nutrients you need to perform your best, and it is also breaking you down further. The food item has been modified from its natural state and does not possess the same nutrient density that a real or non-gmo food item.

If athletes would grasp this simple concept of eating non-gmo food items, the athlete would have a competitive advantage and not have to change his diet.


Counting Calories? Check Your Food Sources

Counting Calories: Its Not What It Used to Be?

Counting Calories on GMO food?
Counting Calories on GMO food?

We have all heard the stories about counting calories and food quality over the last couple years.  Today, I am going to mathematically prove that you can count calories, stay on task, and still not meet your nutrition goals.

 Lets Do this.. For the sake of time, I am going to setup a fictitious person and their goals.

Female, 35, Very active lifestyle and works out 3-4 times a week.  Recommended number of calories per day 2400.  A little high based on the US Department of Agriculture Food Pyramid, but we are giving you some wiggle room based on your lifestyle.

Lets see…

Breakfast 400 calories

Starbucks Coffee 240 cal

Lunch  400 cal

Sports Drink 200 cal

Snack 250 cal

Supper 600 cal

Total calories 2290 cal, well below your goal for daily intake.

All looks well on paper, so what is the problem?

Not all tomatoes are created equal. For that matter, not all food is created equal.  Check out this study on the comparison of food products at the genetic-level. The study shows that in some cases,  the food may be almost 10 times less nutritious. 

For the sake of argument, we will run with only two times less nutrients that it could or should have.  You now need to consume 4580 cal, not 2290 cal to gain the benefit you need for your body to operate properly and recover.

You are literally going in a deficit every day if you do not choose your food sources wisely.  You are eating the right foods, but your body is starving.


Move over natural foods i.e. organic foods and control the sources of those non-gmo items. 

Follow this simple rule and you will meet your nutritional goals, train at a higher level and recover quicker from your workouts without even changing what you are eating.

For more detailed information on this subject, visit The McCarthy Project

Athlete’s are literally starving themselves while eating.

Ever Counted Calories? Well Check Out These Numbers

Host Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project
Host Stephen McCarthy of The McCarthy Project

The recommended caloric intake numbers don’t make sense for athletes.  Athlete’s are literally starving themselves while eating.

Check out this link to the nutritional values of GM corn. Then add the calories in food and you realize very quickly that you would have to eat 8-10 times the food we used to 10-15 years ago.

So there is no way we can eat that much. Which leads us to the point of today’s show… Athlete’s are literally starving themselves while eating because they are eating the GM food.

Just change your food sources and you are on the road to elite performance and a competitive advantage over 90% of the athletes in the world today.

For the complete interview, click here.


GMO Labeling: The Right to Know

GMO Labeling: We deserve to know what is in our food

By Jonathan Benson
Natural News

Meat-Seafood-Package-Wrap-Shopping-Grocery-GMO labeling
GMO labeling in Oregon

Great post GMO labeling and on how states are standing up to make sure food manufacturers label what is actually in our food, not just what they want us to know.

The GMO world is growing and growing.  Based on our research and that of many others non-GMO food is a competitive advantage over other athletes.

Listen to the following shows, for more information around the gmo world or gmo issues.

For the complete article, click here


GM Corn Nutritionally Dead

GM Corn is Essentially Dead, Nothing, Nada

Written By Mike Barret
Natural Society

gm corn is nothing
gm corn is nothing

Gentically modified (GM) Corn has been found to have a drastically lower amount of nutrients than non-gmo corn. This confirms that our conversations over the last few weeks are true and accurate. Eating organic, non-gmo foods are more nutritious.

Check out the link to see all the details.  The article covers several different aspects of the GM corn.


Natural Food Recipe: Pan Seared Halibut with Veggies

Seasonal Natural Food Recipes with Jess Cerra

Pan Seared Halibut, Veggies And Soba Noodles Over Red Curry Broth
Pan Seared Halibut, Veggies And Soba Noodles Over Red Curry Broth

Today on the show Jess talked about how to keep the costs down while still maintaining high quality food sources.  Secondly, Jess mentioned that to live the life of eating healthy takes a certain amount of realism.  For the complete interview, visit here

Pan Seared Halibut, Veggies And Soba Noodles Over Red Curry Broth

Create restaurant quality flavors at home with this Thai/Indian inspired dish. The presentation may look fancy, but the recipe is easy to follow and eliminates most of the oil a restaurant would use.  Plus, it’s easy to make substitutions and tailor this recipe with your favorite veggies and fish.


Makes 4 servings
20 ounces fresh halibut*
1 teaspoon canola or grape seed oil
15-16 ounce jar Masala (red) simmer sauce*
2 cups low sodium vegetable stock
Juice of 2 lemons
2 teaspoons fresh ginger, minced or paste
2 teaspoons chili-garlic sauce
10-12 ounces buckwheat soba noodles
8 ounces sliced crimini mushrooms
3 large carrots, peeled and thinly sliced
1 cup sugar snap peas
½ red bell pepper, seeded and sliced
½ yellow bell pepper, seeded and sliced
1 package or bunch fresh pea shoots
Lemongrass (optional- see note in preparation)

*Salmon, sea bass, cod, shrimp, scallops, tofu, shredded pork or chicken may be substituted.

*Masala simmer sauce can be found in the international food section of all major store grocery stores. Make sure to buy a brand that is tomato based, without cream.


Step one:

  • In a large saucepan, add the Masala simmer sauce, vegetable stock, lemon juice, ginger and chili-garlic sauce.  If you are familiar with using lemongrass you may add it here to flavor the stock.  Or, 2 cups of pre-made lemongrass broth may substitute for the vegetable stock and lemon juice.
  • Let the ingredients simmer for about 15 minutes. If using lemongrass, remove the pieces.

Step two:

  • Cook the soba noodles according the package instructions. Leave al dente.

Step three:

  • Steam or sauté (in a very small amount of oil) the veggies, but leave some texture to them because they will continue to cook in the broth.  This may be done in multiple steps as some of the veggies need less time to cook.

Step four:

  • Cut the halibut into four pieces. Season lightly with salt and pepper.
  • Heat the canola or grape seed oil in a non-stick sauté pan over medium-high heat.
  • Sear the halibut for about 3-4 minutes per side, depending on thickness, so it has a golden crust.

Step five:

  • In four large bowls, divide the broth.  Then equally divide the noodles and veggies over the broth, piling the noodles high as a nest for the halibut.
  • Place the halibut on top of the noodles.
  • Top with fresh pea shoots.

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Weekly Natural Food Recipes with Jess Cerra

Private Chef Jess Cerra Talks Seasonal Foods and Natural Food Recipes for Long Term Health and Performance

Strawberry, Kiwi and Mint Chop-Chop with Roasted Shrimp
Strawberry, Kiwi and Mint Chop-Chop with Roasted Shrimp

Today on the show Jess talked about how to keep the costs down while still maintaining high quality food sources.  Secondly, Jess mentioned that to live the life of eating healthy takes a certain amount of realism.  For the complete interview, visit here

Heat oven to hi broil; put the oven rack on the second row from the top of the oven. Toss 20–24 peeled and deveined jumbo shrimp with 1 T extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Broil for 2–2½ minutes per side. In a large bowl, whisk together 1½ T olive oil, juice of 1 orange and juice of 1 lemon, 1 tsp agave and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Reserve 1 T and toss the rest with 10 oz spring mix until evenly coated. In another bowl, gently toss 4 kiwis (peeled and sliced into coins), 1½ cups strawberries (sliced into coins), 1 Persian cucumber (ends removed and finely diced), 1/3 cup jicama (peeled and finely diced) and ¼ cup finely chopped fresh mint with the reserved dressing. Arrange the spring mix in a large, shallow bowl with the chopped fruit mixture over the top. Finish with the roasted shrimp.

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Natural Foods: A Competitive Advantage

Can natural foods be a competitive advantage?

Natural Foods or Genetically-modified salmon: Frankenfish
Natural Foods or Genetically-modified salmon: Frankenfish

Host Stephen McCarthy and Ryan St. George of EnerHealth Botanicals broke down how eating the cleanest source of food is a competitive advantage, even at the pro level.  We have all lived that fast paced life and ate whatever was around the house.  Those days are long gone. It does not mean that you have to follow a particular protein or plant-based diet.  What it does mean is that you take the time and energy to source the absolute cleanest forms of fruits, vegetables and proteins for your food sources.

Ryan St. George said, “As an athlete you fine tune every aspect of your game to make it a high-performance machine, why do you not put jet fuel in the engine?”

Is every salmon created equal or is Frankenfish a good idea? Why do you not take the time to find the cleanest form of food and water possible?  Why do you not pay attention what is on the label and then question the information?  What is a quality food source? If you decide to find quality or clean sources, where should you go?  Are all local food markets the same? Why buy local organic foods, rather than organic natural foods from China?  Can a young athlete gain the same competitive advantage?  A major key to living the lifestyle is to get rid of the dirty dozen and add the clean dozen, what are the foods that fall into these categories?

These and many other questions were covered on the show today.


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Seasonal Natural Food Recipes by Jess Cerra

Natural Food Recipes by Pro Triathlete Jess Cerra

Jess Cerra Fitfootby jess natural food recipes
Jess Cerra of FitFoodByJess


Every week Jess Cerra will bring a great seasonal, natural food recipes to the show.  She a private chef, a pro xterra triathlete and has worked with athletes from all over the world to provide organic, seasonal recipes and food for their active lives.  Jess will be on the show every Thursday at 4pm CST/2PST every week.

To hear her thoughts on organic nutrition and her recipes, listen to the show.  She came on around 50 minutes into the show.

For more natural food recipes, visit her site. This weeks recipe: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip


  • Gluten Free Oats
  • Brown Rice Flour
  • Brown Rice Syrup
  • Agave
  • Coconut Oil
  • Eggs
  • Vanilla
  • Baking Soda
  • Baking Powder
  • Peanut Butter
  • Chocolate Chips – Organic evaporated cane juice, organic unsweetened chocolate*, organic cocoa butter*, soy lecithin, organic vanilla. *Fair Trade Certified.

    Peanut Butter Fitbar
    Peanut Butter Fitbar

Organic Nutrition Expert Michelle Weinstein

Fitzee Foods CEO Michelle Weinstein on Why Organic Nutrition

Organic Nutrition Expert MIchelle Weinstein
Organic Nutrition Expert MIchelle Weinstein

There is a big trend toward organic food and proper organic nutrition for young athletes.  Michelle broke down a couple of the benefits of using clean food sources to gain a competitive advantage.  Secondly, she spoke about how to start the process of moving from your current way of eating to one with clean water and food sources.

For the complete interview, click here.  Michelle’s portion of the show started around 35-40 minute mark.

Michelle Weinstein’s Short Bio:

Optimal Nutrition was officially founded in the summer of 2006, and took a scientific approach to nutrition. ONI’s registered dietician balanced all the recipes, and each client went through a screening process to find out their specific nutritional needs. While ONI did find patronage from the general public, there was a focus on professional athletes including Marshall Faulk, Tony Gwynn and Alicia Gwynn, and Donald Penn. After 5 years of fueling some of the biggest names on and off the field, Michelle decided to expand the company in another direction. Enter Fitzee Foods. For more information on Michelle and her company, visit her website.



Organic Nutrition and Rock Tape

Today on the Show we covered organic nutrition during a race and the value of Rock Tape

Erin Demarines of Tri3Bar talked about organic nutrition for vegan

Organic Nutrition Expert Erin Demarines of Tri3Bar
Organic Nutrition Expert Erin Demarines of Tri3Bar

and vegetarians and how she developed the original non-gmo, gluten-free energy bar.  She started from humble beginnings in Brentwood, CA to create a bar that has great taste and top notch nutrition.

For more information on Erin, click here

In the second hour, Jill Magee of Rock Tape discussed the value of kinesio taping or therapeutic taping.  She

Jill Magee of Rock Tape
Jill Magee of Rock Tape

mentioned the foundational information of taping your body for performance.

For more information on Jill, click here.

To listen to the complete show, click here


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Social Media and Nutrition in Sport

Social Media Guru Nickey Rautenberg and Emily Zaler of EZ Whey talked Sports and Nutrition

Great Day on the show.. A must listen for young athletes on social media do’s and don’ts.  Social Media Consultant Nickey Rautenberg talked about the negative side of social media and some pitfalls.  Nickey also talked about the benefits of being closer to the brands and people we love and enjoy.

Host Stephen McCarthy talked social media and nutrition
Host Stephen McCarthy talked social media and nutrition

Bio Information:

Nickey Rautenberg is a e-Marketing specialist hailing from the sports hub of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In her personal life she is an avid sports junkie, and in her professional she is an avid social media junkie. The idea of combining the two to her is the ultimate topic of discussion! Nickey has worked in an agency as well as in-house environment focusing on brand development and online marketing tactics and spends time blogging, researching, and keeping on top of both the sports & social media worlds. Although my website is under construction, I can be found on LinkedIn or Twitter: @nickey_r

In the second hour, Emily Zaler talked about training, eating healthy, and her recipes for good health.

Bio Information:

Emily Zaler is a Fitness Professional who has experience working with everyone from professional athletes of the NFL, NBA, NHL, etc to Miss America Contestants and weight loss clients. At only 22 years old, she has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity of completing two Internships at the prestigious Athletes’ Performance, working with some of the best athletes in the world as well as learning from some of the most knowledgeable coaches in the field.

Click here for more information on Emily and here for facebook..


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Chips and Reishi Mushrooms with Ryan St George

Ryan St George of EnerHealth Botanicals talks Chip Technology and Reishi Mushrooms

Today junk food and fast food fill our diets with numerous unhealthy food chemicals. Ryan talks about the chemicals behind Doritos chips and the process in which they are made.  Secondly, we talk about a natural food item that will increase your performance, the reishi mushroom.

Ryan’s comes on the show at 34:06.  Kirk Olson of the Minnesota Wild talks hockey training for the first half of the show.

EnerHealth Performance Coffee with Reishi Mushrooms
EnerHealth Performance Coffee with Reishi Mushrooms

EnerHealth Botanicals Their purpose is to promote health and wellness through mind, body, and soul.


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The Importance of A Clean Water Source

A Clean Water Source: What is the definition?

In this short segment, Stephen McCarthy goes over the sources of water or hydration and it problems. Then offers two simple ways to improve your performance in athletics by choosing a clean water

Clean Water Sources By Stephen McCarthy
Host Stephen McCarthy discusses a clean water source


For the complete interview, visit here.


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Organic Nutrition for Athletes

On the Organic Nutrition for Athletes show Ryan St. George from EnerHealth Botanicals joined us to talk about how athletes can use organic elements to improve performance.  We talked about green smoothies or enerfood, the powerful performance enhancing mushrooms (cordyceps & reishi), and alkalinity.

orgainic nutrition for green drinks
Enerfood from EnerHealth Botanicals for organic nutrition

The show was meant to simply be a start for the process of working out your own needs and goals related to nutrition.

For more information or listen to the show, click here

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